Lame Links: Guitar Parts Suppliers

I don’t feel like editing a bunch of pictures this week, so for THIS WEEK ONLY! I will post another Lame Links! Places I get my guitar parts!

Guitar Fetish. If you can stomach their over the top hype, this is probably your best bet for decent quality low-cost stuff. All the parts you need, from pickups to switches to complete guitars. They claim that what they sell is the same as what you’d find on a mid-priced ($300-$600) instrument from your local Guitar Barn, and I guess it is. Certainly seems better that the $99 Squiers I usually buy.

Stewart-MacDonald and Luthier’s Mercantile International. Pricey! But they have tools nobody else has. Stew-Mac leans toward electrics, and LMI is more for acoustics. LMI is also slightly cheaper. I usually only shop at them for luthier tools only, due to cost. But if I’m buying a bunch of tools, it’s sometimes cheaper to pick up a bridge or something from them to save on shipping.

Angela Instruments. A bunch of Fender OEM parts at low low prices. Good for restoration. Plus they have some oddball stuff.

Guitar Re-Ranch. Real guitar lacquer in spray cans. Much more durable than anything from the hardware store. I’ve gotten OK results with it. Someone with patience could get great results.

Guitar Parts Resource. They generally don’t have anything you can’t get cheaper at Guitar Fetish or Angela, but sometimes I want one cheap thing from each, and Guitar Parts Resource has both things in stock.

Note: I am not getting paid to link to these sites, and do not actually endorse them or anything. If you have any problems with them, that’s your problem 😉

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