Fernandez Strat Copy

Short post because there isn’t much to say about this generic Strat copy.

This is just a generic project guitar. I picked it up cheap because it was broken. The bridge was screwed up, the pickguard was broke and the electronics were shot. I don’t even remember if it had any pickups.

Fernandez_HeadIt’s what I think is a Fernandez Strat copy. Somebody sanded off most of the logo. Only the F remains. But it has the F and the headstock shape LOOKS like a Fernandez, so that’s what I’m gonna call it.

Fernandex_BodyI put on a loaded pickguard from somewhere. Well, I know where. I’m just getting sick of saying “Guitar Fetish” over and over. I bought it from… Bob Fetish. It works. Nothing to complain about, but nothing inspirational either. Sounds like any decent budget priced guitar. Utterly lacking in character.

Fernande_Happy_BridgeThis is a Fender Mexican bridge off a busted Squier Jag-Master. The advantage of smashing a guitar out of frustration – free parts! You can also see the grain of the wood peeking through the transparent red finish if you embiggen.

Fernandez_BackA picture of the back side!

I don’t like how this guitar plays. It’s set up well and all, but the fretboard is too flat. It has a bevy of usable sounds, like a decent quality budget Strat copy. OK if you wanna play covers.


Condition: 9/10

– Cosmetics: 9/10 Looks good

– Working order: 10/10 Everything works

Playability: 7/10

– Rhythm Playabiliy: 6/10 Flat fretboard!

– Lead Playability: 8/10 Flat fretboard!

Sound: 6/10

– Bridge: 7/10 Solid, dependable, and boring

– Middle: 6/10 Ceramic, but not too trebly

– Neck: 6/10 Ditto the middle

Uninspiring. On my short list for resale.